Welcome To Our Website

Welcome To Our Website

Thrustboring construction company Ltd.{TCC.}one of the top leadingآ  companies for Infrastructure and trenchless technology works that have more is than 25 years experience in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

TCC. Is a part of Tamimi Group companies , one of the largest organization in Saudi Arabia.

Micro Tunnelling (MT),

Today TCC has the capability of constructing subsurface installations ranging from 300 mm to 3500 mm diameter in any soil type.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) sector.

This division was established in late 1999. After a quick market survey and technology selection process, TCC has acquired HDD rigs in different classes.

In addition to Saudi Arabia projects , TCC Ltd. Hasآ  executed many projects in the Middle East for pipelines and sewage projects.( Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Bahrain& Abu-Dhabi).